Press Kit

Krystal Claxton (she/her) is a Systems Engineer I with unfortunate aspirations involving fiction, words, and publishing.

She was tragically born with a miscalibrated sense of humor, and lived in nine US states before the age of thirteen. The combination of the two has left her with an oscillating accent and a habit of laughing at things that aren’t funny. She currently lives in Georgia with her long-suffering spouse, a dog who thinks its a cat, and a pair of chaos agents commonly referred to as “children.”

You can find her short fiction in Cast of Wonders, Daily Science Fiction, Factor Four Magazine, Fireside Magazine, Flash Fiction Online, Nature: Futures, PodCastle, and Unidentified Funny Objects 3.

She was guest co-editor for PodCastle’s Special Issue: Artemis Rising vol. 5.

She enjoys breaking Heinlein’s Rules, getting distracted by Dragon Con, and feverishly researching whichever random topic has just piqued her interest. Keep up with her at and on twitter @krystalclaxton

Photo of Krystal Claxton
Photo by David Burke (Click to Embiggen)